2nd Laser IFE Program Workshop

May 31 - June 1, 2001
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC U.S.A.

Thursday, May 31, 2001 in Building 226 Auditorium at NRL

8:00Coffee & Bagels
8:30Introduction (pdf), (ppt) J. Sethian (NRL)
Target Design
9:00Advanced High Gain Target DesignsD. Colombant (NRL)
9:30Output Spectra from Direct Drive ICF Targets (ppt)R. R. Peterson (UW)
9:45First Wall Response to the 400MJ NRL Target (pdf), (ppt) D. Haynes (UW)
10:15The Potential for Graphite Oxidation in Dry Wall ICF Chambers (pdf), (ppt) G. Kulcinski (UW)
10:35Oxidation of Graphite Walls: Preliminary Results from SOMBRERO Safety Analysis (pdf), (ppt) S. Reyes (LLNL)
10:50IFE Dry Wall Safety and Environmental Issues (pdf) D. Petti (INEEL)
11:20Assessment of Dry Chamber Wall Configurations as Preliminary Step in Defining Key Processes for Chamber Clearing Code (pdf), (ppt)R. Raffray
Progress Report on Chamber Dynamics and Clearing (pdf), (ppt) F. Najmabadi (UCSD)
1:00Update on Alternate Chambers Activities and Newton Damage Modeling (pdf), (ppt) J. Latkowski (LLNL)
Materials Plan
1:30Draft Program Plan for Materials R&D in Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) (ppt) L. Snead (ORNL)
Integrated Plan for Materials R&D in Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) (pdf), (ppt) N. Ghoniem (UCLA)
2:20Discuss Laser IFE Materials PlanAll
Chamber Materials
3:30Modeling/Experiments on Z and RHEPP for IFE Materials EvaluationC. Olson (SNL)
Final Optics
4:00Neutrons and X-Ray Threat Modeling and Experiments for the Final Optic (pdf), (ppt) J. Latkowski (LLNL)
4:30Progress on Laser Induced Damage Studies of Grazing Incidence Metal Mirrors (pdf), (ppt) M. Tillack (UCSD)
5:00Laser IFE Power Plant Model (pdf), (ppt) J. L. Cowan (LT/LLC)

Friday, June 1, 2001 in Building 226 Auditorium at NRL

7:30Coffee & Bagels
Target Fabrication
8:00Progress in Cradle-to-grave Direct Drive Target Supply Scenarios (pdf), (ppt)D. Goodin (GA)
8:25Foam Shell Characterization Status (pdf), (ppt) F. Elsener (GA)
8:40High Throughput Layering for IFE (pdf), (ppt) J. Sater/D. Bittner (Schafer)
9:00Advanced Foam Shell Production (ppt)D. Schroen-Carey (Schafer)
9:20Status of IFE Tritium Inventory and Target Mass Production (pdf), (ppt) A. Nobile (LANL)
Target Injection
10:10Status of Inertial Fusion Energy Target Injection & Tracking System (pdf), (ppt) R. Petzoldt (GA)
10:30The Strength of Solid DT (pdf), (ppt) J. Hoffer (LANL)
10:50A Repetitively Pulsed, High Energy, Krypton Fluoride Laser (pdf), (ppt) J. Sethian (NRL)
D. Weidernheimer (PSI)
11:20DPPSL Progress (ppt) S. Payne, et al (LLNL)
Wrap Up
11:50Conclusions/Wrap upAll

Meeting hosted by NRL.

(web support provided by A. Becker, UCSD)