Laser IFE Program Workshop

6-7 February 2001
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC U.S.A.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2001 in the Building 226 Auditorium at NRL

8:00Coffee & Bagels
8:30Objectives of this workshop (ppt)J. Sethian (NRL)
9:00Mercury Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Program (2.5MB pdf, 16MB ppt) C. Bibeau (LLNL)
9:30Electra KrF Laser Program (ppt)J. Sethian (NRL)
10:15High Gain Target Designs for IFE (DP) (pdf)A. Schmitt (NRL)
10:30Target Fabrication - GA
      Overview of proposed GA tasks (ppt)
      High volume filling (ppt)
      Characterization development & quality control (ppt)

D. Goodin (GA)
N. Alexander (GA)
J. Sauerwein (GA)
11:15Target Fabrication - LANL
      Mass production (ppt)
      Tritium inventory issues (ppt)
      Methods for fabricating foam capsules (ppt)

A. Nobile (LANL)
A. Schwendt (LANL)
W. Steckle (LANL)
1:00Advanced foam shell production (ppt)D. Schroen-Carey (Schafer)
1:30Cryogenic layering (pdf)D. Bittner (Schafer)
Target Injection
2:00Overview of proposed GA tasks (ppt)
      Design of Injection & tracking system (ppt)
D. Goodin (GA)
R. Petzoldt (GA)
2:30Cryogenic DT Thermal response experiments (ppt)J. Hoffer (LANL)
Final Optics
3:00Radiation Hard Final Optics (ppt)S. Payne (LLNL)
3:30Laser Damage and Effects of Debris (ppt)M. Tillack (UCSD)
4:00Neutron exposure of components (ppt)S. Willms (LANL)
4:30Laser-Induced damage to IFE Final Optics (OFES) (ppt)N. Ghoniem (UCLA)
5:00Ribbon cutting for ELECTRA LaserDr. T. Coffey (NRL)
Capt. D. Rau (NRL)
Dr. B.B. Rath (NRL)

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 in the Building 226 Auditorium at NRL

8:00Coffee & Pastries
8:30Chambers (ppt)G. Kulcinski (UW)
R. Peterson (UW)
D. Haynes (UW)
9:15Chamber clearing (ppt)F. Najambadi (UCSD)
10:00Chamber Studies (ppt)W. Meier (LLNL)
10:30Chamber materials response programC. Olson (Sandia)
11:00C-C Composites (OFES) (ppt)L. Snead (ORNL)
11:15Action items/plansAll

Meeting hosted by NRL.

(web support provided by A. Becker, UCSD)