3rd Laser IFE Program Workshop

13-14 November 2001
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Pleasanton, CA, U.S.A.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

8:00 Coffee, Pastries, & Bagels  
8:20 Welcome (pdf), (ppt) S. Payne (LLNL)
8:30 Introduction (pdf), (ppt) J. Sethian (NRL)
Target Design  
9:00 Advanced High Gain Target Designs (pdf), (ppt) S. Bodner
9:20 Mercury Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (pdf) C. Bibeau (LLNL)
9:45 Electra KrF Laser (pdf), (ppt) J. Sethian (NRL)
10:10 Break  
10:30 Overview of GA Target Fabrication Effort (pdf), (ppt)D. Goodin (GA)
10:40 High-Z Coatings and Properties (stephens.pdf), (stephens.ppt), (nikroo.pdf), (nikroo.ppt) E. Stephens (GA)
A. Nikroo (GA)
11:15 Tritium Inventories of IFE Target Fab Facilities (pdf), (ppt) A. Schwendt (LANL)
11:35 Foam Shells by Injection Molding (pdf), (ppt) W. Steckle (LANL)
12:00 Lunch  
1:30 Divinyl Benzene (DVB) Foam Production (pdf), (ppt) D. Schroen (Schafer)
2:00 Rapid Cryogenic Layering for IFE Targets (pdf), (ppt) C. Halvorsen (Schafer)
Target Injection  
2:30 Status of Target Injector, In-Chamber Tracking, Electromagentic Injector (pdf), (ppt) R. Petzoldt (GA)
3:00 Thermal and Stress Analysis of a Solid DT Test Specimen (pdf), (ppt) J. Hoffer (LANL)
G. Swadener (LANL)
3:30 Break  
Final Optics  
3:40 Final Optics (pdf), (ppt) S. Payne (LLNL)
J. Latkowski (LLNL)
4:10 Dust & LIDT Threat Modeling and Planned Experiments (ppt) M. Tillack (UCSD)
4:30 Absorption, Reflectance, & Luminescence of Optical Components: Pre-Neutron Irradiation Results W. Cooke (LANL)
5:00 Activation of Optics Irradiated in LANSCE (pdf), (ppt) G. Kulcinski (UW)
M. Sawan (UW)
Poster Sessions  
5:30 Various Topics (Details of Laser IFE Activities)  

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

8:00Coffee, Pastries, and Bagels  
8:30 Introduction to Wisconsin Chambers Work (pdf), (ppt) G. Kulcinski (UW)
8:35 Target Output Spectra (ppt) R. Peterson (UW)
8:55 Dry Wall Chamber Modeling (pdf), (ppt) D. Haynes (UW)
9:15 Alternate Chambers Work
Chamber Threats and Materials Effects (pdf), (ppt)
J. Latkowski (LLNL)
W. Meier (LLNL)
9:45 High Gain Target Output Spectra (pdf), (ppt) J. Perkins (LLNL)
10:00 Break  
10:15 Chamber Dynamics Modeling (pdf), (ppt) R. Raffray (UCSD)
10:45 Chamber Experiments (pdf), (ppt) F. Najmabadi (UCSD)
11:00 Chamber Plan F. Najmabadi (UCSD)
--:-- Introduction to IFE Materials Studies on Z and RHEPP (ppt) C. Olson (SNL)
11:30 IFE Materials Studies on Z (x-rays) (pdf), (ppt) T. Tanaka (SNL)
11:45 IFE Materials Studies on RHEPP (ions) (pdf), (ppt) T. Renk (SNL)
12:00 Modeling of Z-Ablation (pdf), (ppt) I. Golovkin (UW)
12:15 Post-Experiment Modeling of Engineering Surface Experiment in RHEPP R. Raffray (UCSD)
12:30 Lunch  
Materials (cont.)  
1:30 Laser IFE Materials Plan L. Snead (ORNL)
N. Ghoniem (UCLA)
1:45 Materials Discussion Laser IFE Materials Working Group & all interested parties
Post Meeting Activities  
TBD Tours:
  Mercury (DPPSL)
S. Payne (LLNL)


Meeting hosted by LLNL.

web support provided by A. Becker (UCSD) and J. Pulsifer (JP Consulting)