Volumetric heating (W/cm3) for various plasma-facing liquids at three poloidal locations
(courtesy of Tim Bohm, UW-Madison, 7/17/18)

liquid metal thickness = 2.51 cm
He-cooled steel substrate thickness = 1.29 cm

First wall values are provided at both the plasma facing surface and the substrate surface (a/b), at the inboard and outboard poloidal midplane. Divertor values are provided at the outboard plate near the adjacent first wall.

Material IB FW OB FW divertor
PbLi 7.84/9.52 8.23/10.81 9.44
Li 12.96/12.88 13.01/13.51 12.13
Sn 7.36/6.73 8.04/7.74 6.36
SnLi 9.15/8.68 9.83/9.69 8.07