LM PFC Reference Information

This location is used to share information pertinent to the 2017-2018 FESS project exploring LM PFC's. It is work in progress, and should not be cited. Links to this site may not remain valid beyond the project period of performance.

Device Parameters
See table of heating and power parameters

FNSF Geometry
tokamak cross section (UW CAD)
upper half wall areas (UW CAD)

Plasma boundary (outermost closed flux surface)
RZ data and plot.

PF and CS coil locations
RZ data and plot.

Poloidal fields

Contour plot of PF strength below the midplane (r=a/2 loop model of plasma)

Overview of PFC fields
Expanded view of divertor box
Plot of fields along inboard FW, (R,Z) and (parallel,normal)
Plot of fields along outboard FW, (R,Z) and (parallel,normal)

Field data in the divertor region
Field data along divertor surfaces (R,Z) and (parallel,normal)
Field data along the IB and OB first wall (R,Z) and (parallel,normal).

Toroidal field strength (inside coils)
B = 7.5 * (4.8/R)

Neutron Wall Loading profiles
Wall shape (inboard and outboard blanket, inner and outer divertor plates, dome), Data
Plots: Inboard first wall, Outboard first wall, Inner divertor plate, Outer divertor plate, Divertor dome

Nuclear Heating
Compressed table of peak heating rates (W/cm3) for several liquid metals and locations
Full tables of nuclear heating for IB/OB first wall and divertor
Listing of component heating powers (MW)

Surface Heating 1: System code approximations
Nominal divertor heating profiles: table of data and plots
Parametric variations for single-null case: data and plot
First wall cases

Surface Heating 2: LLNL computed profiles
(see geometry and note)
  Case #1 (partially attached): outer plate, dome, first wall
  Case #2 (fully detached): outer plate, dome, first wall
LLNL Reference:
T.D. Rognlien, M.E. Rensink, D.P. Stotler, "Scrape-off layer plasma and neutral characteristics and their interactions with walls for FNSF," Fusion Engineering and Design, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fusengdes.2017.07.024