First Wall heat flux reference cases
(Note: ELM's and transients are not treated here)

1. Nominal case (system code)

The system code predicts an average first wall heat flux of 0.2 MW/m2 to account for the 56 MW of power radiated from the core plasma. A peaking factor of 1.25 is assumed.

2. Nominal case including divertor radiation (LLNL calculation)

A more detailed analysis was performed by LLNL that includes radiation to the first wall from the divertor region. Two cases were analyzed, and the results are copied here:
a) partially attached
b) detached

3. Mid-plane localized heat flux

As in ITER, we expect more severe conditions to exist for quasi-steady timescales longer than the first wall thermal equilibration time. This might occur for example during plasma startup. Full details of such conditions have not been analyzed, but a reference case has been devised with approximate peak heat flux (5 MW/m2) and deposition width (0.6 m FWHM) assuming a Gaussian distribution. That case is plotted here. The form of the equation is: , where a=5 MW/m2, b=0, c=0.25.