Web Conference for HAPL First Wall Battle Plan
June 6, 2003
1:00 Eastern Time

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Sethian - Introduction, Outline of the plan

Blanchard - Plan to correlate exposure experiments

Ghoneim / Sharafat - Getting the "proper" foam
Movie of Temperature History in Idealized Foam

Latkowski - Long term tests of solid tungsten samples on XAPPER, First tests of tungsten foam samples on XAPPER

Olson/Renk - Tests of tungsten foam on RHEPP, Roughening limits (J/cm2) correlated with sample temperature

Ghoneim / Sharafat - Helium management through foam (See file above)

Snead - Helium management through solids (with UCSB), Bonding foam to low activation ferritic substrate

Kulcinski / Wisconsin - Operating Windows for IFE How high a yield before we need more than 10 mT gas protection in an IFE chamber?

Sethian - Action items, Set date for next e-meeting

Contact Jake Blanchard if you have questions