World's Largest New Tokamak Makes First Plasma

October 25, 2023

The superconducting JT-60SA has begun operation in Japan, succeeding in producing its first plasma operation on 23 October. It becomes the world's largest superconducting fusion experimental device. The facility is at the Naka Fusion Institute of the National Institutes for Quantum and Science and Technology (QST): https://www.qst.go.jp/site/naka-fusion-english/list167-521.html

QST President Shigeo Koyasu noted that the facility, jointly delivered by Japan and Europe as part of the so-called Broader Approach Project", is "aimed in parallel with the ITER Project to pave the way for fusion energy".

An inauguration ceremony is planned for 1 December 2023 in the presence of Japanese and European delegates. to report on this achievement.

For further information, contact:
Satoru Higashijima, Director, Development of Tokamak System Technology
Naka Fusion Institute, Fusion Energy Directorate
E-mail: higashijima.satoru@qst.go.jp

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Public Relations Section
Department of Management and Planning
E-mail: info@qst.go.jp