Workshop Report: "Plasma Science for Microelectronics Nanofabrication"

February 17, 2023

Fusion Research, over the decades, has provided the science and technology foundations for numerous commercial applications. One of these is highlighted in the following workshop report just issued.

US DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Workshop Report: "Plasma Science for Microelectronics Nanofabrication"

Low-temperature plasmas are essential to the manufacture of devices in the semiconductor industry, from the creation of extreme ultraviolet photons used in the most advanced lithography to thin film etching, deposition, and surface modifications. The United States (US) Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) held a workshop titled Plasma Science for Microelectronics Nanofabrication in August 2022 to discuss the plasma science challenges and technical barriers needing to be overcome to continue to develop the innovative plasma technologies required to maintain and improve the internationally competitive US semiconductor industry.

The report from that workshop is available on the FES website (https://science.osti.gov/fes/Community-Resources/Workshop-Reports) and can be downloaded here.

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This is just one of many similar major "spinoffs" from fusion research being used in a variety of applications in a mutli-hundred billion dollar commercial market today.

A color brochure titled Investment in an Energy Source for Tomorrow -- FUSION -- Yields Important Benefits Today, and a report titled Applications of Fusion and Plasma Device Technologies, are available on request from Fusion Power Associates: fusionpwrassoc@aol. com

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