New Book by Bill Stacey

July 5, 2022

Weston (Bill) Stacey, emeritus professor of nuclear engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, has published a new book: Fusion-Fission Hybrid Nuclear Reactors for enhanced nuclear fuel utilization and radioactive waste reduction. The book (ISBN 978-1-83953-651-9 is published by The Institution of Engineering and Technology and can be ordered by going to their web site:

The 290 page book describes fusion-fission hybrid physics and technology, including "future challenges and anticipated developments in this not-yet-mature technology. The book notes "combining nuclear fission technology with emerging fusion technology to create a fusion-fission hybrid would yield extra fusion neutrons to 1) convert much more of the uranium into fissionable material, which would increase efficient utilization of the nuclear fuel source, and 2) significantly reduce (by fission) the most long-lived radioactive nuclear waste."

Bill Stacey can be contacted at: westonmstacey@gmail.com