MIT Signs New 5-Year Agreement with CFS

May 12, 2022

The MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) has signed a new 5-year agreement with Commonwealth Fusion Systems company, a "spinout" from MIT, the "will substantially expand its fusion energy research and education acitivies" according to an article in the MIT News;

MIT expands research collaboration with Commonwealth Fusion Systems to build net energy fusion machine, SPARC | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PSFC director Dennis Whyte said "CFS will build SPARC and develop a commercial fusion product, while MIT will focus on its core mission of cutting-edge research and education."

According to the article in MIT News "the new agreement doubles CFS's financial commitment to PSFC, enabling greater recruitment and support of students, staff, and faculty" and "extends the collaboration between PSFC and CFS that resulted in numerous advances towards fusion power plants, including last fall's demonstration of a high temperature superconducting (HTS) fusion electromagnet with record-setting field strength of 20 tesla."

The article states "PSFC is supporting CFS' efforts toward realizing the SPARC fusion platform, which facilitates rapid development and refinement of elements (including HTS magnets) needed to build ARC, a compact, modular, high-field fusion power plant that would set the stage for commercial fusion energy production. The concepts originated in Whyte's nuclear science and engineering class 22.63 (Principles of Fusion Engineering) and have been carried forward by students and PSFC staff, many of whom helped found CFS; the new activity will expand research into advanced technologies for the envisioned pilot plant."

For further information contact Dennis Whyte at whyte@psfc.mit.edu