DIII-D Workshop February 16-19

February 7, 2021

Workshop - DIII-D For Fusion Energy, Feb 16-19, 2021

The DIII-D national fusion program is undertaking a workshop to identify the potential and the path for the facility, in the context of the new national strategic plan approved by FESAC to get to fusion energy.

The DIII-D tokamak is a highly flexible facility with world leading diagnostic capabilities, and a talented engineering team able to rapidly implement and test out new technologies. It has key potential to expand performance and answer critical reactor physics questions, pioneering the techniques and discovering the science to project to future fusion devices. They would like to hear your ideas about what is needed and what they can do at DIII-D to close the gap on fusion energy.

A workshop is planned for Feb 16-19. Web submissions are open. Exciting ideas will be selected for presentation and discussion at the workshop. The DIII-D facility is ready now for advancing critical fusion questions. Join in helping develop this exciting future.

Check out https://www.d3dfusion.com/d4fe

Richard Buttery, Director of DIII-D National Fusion Facility.
Director, DIII-D National Fusion Facility
Email: buttery@fusion.gat.com, Ph: 858 455 3557 (office)
General Atomics, 3550 General Atomics Ct 13-214, San Diego, CA 92121, USA.