Kathy McCarthy Named Associate Lab Director at ORNL

October 10, 2020

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has announced the formation of a new Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate (NSED) that brings several of its divisions and programs under a new Associate Laboratory Director (ALD). The statement says:

Nuclear science and engineering: The Lab’s research programs and projects related to fusion and fission energy will be consolidated into a reimagined NSED that includes the US ITER Project Office as well as the Fusion Energy Division and the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division.

Kathy McCarthy, current director of the US ITER Project, will become the ALD for this new directorate effective October 1. Kathy served for three years as laboratory director at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories before joining ORNL in March. She is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and previously held positions at Idaho National Laboratory and served on US ITER’s Technical Advisory Committee.

This directorate will seamlessly combine our fusion and fission research activities, including discoveries resulting from our contributions to ITER; continued impactful contributions to national and international fusion and fission programs; and world-leading projects including the Transformational Challenge Reactor and the Material Plasma Exposure Experiment. These efforts broadly rely on the deep science and technology capabilities of ORNL in areas such as materials, manufacturing, sensors, and modeling and simulation.

Kathy was the recipient of Fusion Power Associates 1994 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award.

She can be reached at: mccarthyka@ornl.gov