ARPA-E Current Fusion Programs Kickoff Meeting Presentations Posted

August 30, 2020

ARPA-E's current fusion program effort (called BETHE) held a virtual kickoff meeting August 11-12. Presentations from the meeting are posted at:


The announcement for the meeting read as follows:

ARPA-E's Breakthroughs Enabling THermonuclear-fusion Energy (BETHE) program is kicking off! All or nearly all BETHE projects are expected to be under contract by the time of this kick-off virtual workshop. The goal of this workshop is to introduce the BETHE project teams and to focus everyone's thinking on the program objectives, with the help of some invited perspectives from outside the fusion R&D community.

BETHE aims to support the development of timely, commercially viable fusion energy. Building on recent progress in fusion research and synergies with the private fusion industry, this program aims to deliver a larger number of higher-maturity, lower-cost fusion options via three research categories: (A) Concept Development to advance the performance of inherently lower-cost but less-mature fusion concepts; (B) Component Technology Development to significantly reduce the capital cost of higher-cost, more-mature fusion concepts; and (C) Capability Teams to improve/adapt and apply existing capabilities (e.g., theory/modeling, machine learning, or diagnostics) to accelerate the development of multiple concepts. BETHE's technology-to-market (T2M) component aims to build and smooth the path to fusion commercialization to include public, private, and philanthropic partnerships.