FPA 2020 Distinguished Career Awards Announced

July 26, 2020

Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors has selected the recipients of its 2020 Distinguished Career Awards. The awards will be presented at Fusion Power Associates 41st Annual Meeting and Symposium, Fusion Energy: Achievements and Opportunities, December 16-17, in Washington, DC.

FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to recognize individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions to fusion energy development. A list of previous recipients is at https://fusionpower.org and click on Awards.

2020 Distinguished Career Awards will be presented to Keith Burrell (General Atomics) and to Irvin Lindemuth (Los Alamos National Laboratory).

Keith Burrell is recognized for an exceptionally productive career filled with a breadth of scientific achievements that have advanced our understanding of the physics and control of fusion grade plasmas and improved the prospects for the development of a fusion power plant. These include the development of key diagnostics and measurements which showed that sheared flows in plasmas can reduce turbulence and lead to improved plasma confinement, whether such flows are occurring naturally or imposed externally, and pioneering research to discover and understand the Quiescent H-mode, an operational scenario which eliminates edge plasma instabilities, a major concern for future tokamak power plants.

Irvin Lindemuth is recognized for a distinguished and varied career spanning 5 decades in fusion research and related high energy density physics, with particular emphasis on the development of computational models and codes applicable to many varieties of fusion geometries. These have included Z and Theta pinches, liner implosions, pulsed power technologies, inertial confinement targets, and magnetized target fusion. He is especially recognized for his contributions to the resurgence of interest in the area now called magneto-inertial fusion. His seminal, and continuing, work in that area has broadened the perspective of the international fusion community.

Keith can be contacted at burrell@fusion.gat.com
Irv can be contacted at irvl@att.net