US FESAC Launches Strategic Planning Study

March 17, 2020

The US Department of Energy Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) held a virtual meeting March 16 via Zoom to receive the report of the year-long-plus US fusion community planning effort (https://sites.google.com/pppl.gov/dpp-cpp), to launch its own review of that report, and to prepare a "long range strategic plan" for the US fusion energy program. FESAC chair Don Rej appointed a subpanel of FESAC chaired by FESAC member Troy Carter (UCLA) to prepare that plan and to deliver a report back to FESAC in December.

During the March 16 Zoom meeting, Troy Carter stated that the charge for the preparation of the strategic plan was as follows:

Members of the FESAC subcommittee are:
Professor Scott Baalrud University of Iowa
Professor Riccardo Betti University of Rochester
Professor Troy Carter (Chair) University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. John Cary Tech-X Corporation
Dr. Tyler Ellis Commonwealth Fusion Systems
Professor John Foster University of Michigan
Dr. Cameron Geddes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dr. Arianna Gleason SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Dr. Chris Holland University of California San Diego
Dr. Paul Humrickhouse Idaho National Laboratory
Dr. Chuck Kessel Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Ane Lasa University of Tennessee
Dr. Tammy Ma Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Rajesh Maingi Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Professor David Schaffner Bryn Mawr College
Professor Oliver Schmitz University of Wisconsin
Professor Uri Shumlak University of Washington
Professor Lance Snead Stony Brook University
Dr. Wayne Solomon General Atomics
Dr. Erik Trask TAE Technologies, Inc.
Professor Francois Waelbroeck University of Texas at Austin
Professor Anne White Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Donald Rej# Los Alamos National Laboratory
# Ex officio (FESAC Chair)

More detail of the FESAC meeting is posted at http://firefusionpower.org/