FPA 2019 Distinguished Career Awards Announced

June 18, 2019

Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors has selected the recipients of its 2019 Distinguished Career Awards. The awards will be presented at Fusion Power Associates 40th Annual Meeting and Symposium, Fusion Energy: Perspectives and Planning, December 3-4, in Washington, DC.

FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to recognize individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions that have benefited fusion energy development.

2018 Distinguished Career Awards will be presented to Keith Matzen (Sandia National Laboratories) and to Ted Strait (General Atomics).

Keith Matzen is recognized for decades of contributions to high energy density plasma science and its many applications and to advancing the prospects for fusion power, and especially for his leadership of the pulsed power program at Sandia National Laboratories that has underpinned the outstanding world reputation of that important effort.

Ted Strait is recognized for decades of outstanding scientific contributions that have led to advancing the performance of tokamak plasmas, and especially for his leadership in areas leading to the achievement of extremely high beta equilibria and validation of predicted stability limits, and for the design, implementation and interpretation of measurements of fluctuating and equilibrium 3D magnetic fields that have significantly advanced the prospects for fusion power.