FPA 2019 Leadership Awards Announced

June 3, 2019

Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors has selected the recipients of its 2019 Leadership Awards. The awards will be presented at Fusion Power Associates 40th Annual Meeting and Symposium, Fusion Energy: Perspectives and Planning, December 3-4, in Washington, DC.

FPA Leadership Awards have been given annually since 1980 to recognize persons who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion as a commercial power source. A list of previous recipients can be found at http://fusionpower.org and click on Awards.

2019 Leadership Awards will be presented to Gianfranco Federici (EUROfusion) and to Lutz Wegener (Institute of Plasma Physics, Greifswald Germany).

Gianfranco Federici is recognized for the leadership he is providing to the European and world fusion efforts as Head of Power Plant Physics & Technology Department for EUROfusion and especially for the path-forward vision beyond ITER that he is providing for the development of key technologies needed for commercial fusion power plants.

Lutz Wegener is recognized for the leadership he has provided to the initial and continued success of the Wedelstein-7X stellarator project, including his oversight and leadership of teams of engineers, contractors and foreign collaborators necessary for that success.